FUT 15 Legend Featured Alan Shearer

Recently, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has introduced another football superstar to FUT Legends, that is Alan Shearer, from Newcastle. Surely, he was undoubtedly one of the greatest in his time so Shearer deserve it. Now You can enter into FUT 15 and find this legend.

Look back, the former England international scored 30 times in 63 appearances for his national side and was extremely happy to be included in the game. Ahead of England’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Lithuania, games will be able to play with one of the greatest English forwards of all time against opponents from around the world.

Being included in the Legend mode, Shearer said: “It is great to return to the gmae. My son plays a lot of FIFA so when I was approached about becoming an EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team Legend, I knew it was a great honour to join the likes of Pele, Moore and my old mate Gary Lineker in the game. I just hope they got my celebration right!”

Now play against the Legends or play with them in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It is a great honor to include them in the game.

Others, FUT 15 Price Range still get so much attention from the FIFA community. Price range update introduced by EA has received a lot of backlash over the past couple of weeks. The franchise holds to the fact that coin sellers had introduced an unfair gaming environment in FUT 15. The criticism has been ongoing as gamers furstration continue to be heard over social media.

With many saying that it has changed the core Ultimate Experience and think that the move it little more than EA peeny grabbing. But EA have defended their decision, saying they want the game to be fair and fun for every player.

How do you feel about the new Price Range update? Do they work well?