Sneak Mode Coming To Runescape

A new minigame is coming to Runescape, Sneak Mode. Initiating Sneak Mode is comparable to sheathing or unsheathing your weapon. The choice is going to be underneath the minimize tab of the action bar entitled “Sneak Mode” or simply hit Control S. Your walk, run and idle animations can change during sneak mode.

There are a few things Sneak Mode will bring to the game.

Sneak Mode will put pickpocket as the left click option on all NPCs with that option.

Sneak Mode will allow you to sneak by aggressive monsters without getting attacked.

While in sneak mode your chance to pickpocket will be increased by 10% of your Sneak Level. (So at 99 Agility and Thieving it would be a 9.99% increase).

When you enter combat while in sneak mode you will leave sneak mode and must re-enter sneak mode when combat ends.

While in the wilderness your map marker wont appear in Sneak Mode. Also suggested you should run slower in SM.

I think this would be a truly good concept for a minigame. Jagex’s minigames today are dying. The Fist of Guthix is emptied, etc. Honestly, there need to be more minigames that reward people with exp, and are not simply for members.

A game where there could be two sides, yes, in which one designs beasts and machines (golems) with abilities that would be useful in combat, and the other side would have sneaking players trying to get to a center monolith. The “designers” could play in the field as well, their golems tailing them. Their action portion could be hunting for the hidden players. Welp, these are just ideas. I may futurely make a thread/post on this idea.