Guides For ArcheAge Players Who Wants To Gear Up To Lvl 50

This article is going to be created for players over buy archeage gold the level of 46 and wish to adapt for level 50. Please note that not abundant compares to level 50 craft-able gear.

The aboriginal affair you wish to do is arch over to Hasla this is in the actual southeast of the eastern continent. Already you’ve got there you charge to arch to Galegarden and allege to Soyo.

Already you’ve accustomed your adventure from Soyo aswell go acquire the adventure from Overseer Hichee who is in the aforementioned boondocks as Soyo.

Now you should accept adventure “Good for the heart” and “Fertilizer Formula” complete these quests and duke them in for your Bow/Lute/Sheild and high chest armor set. It is accessible to underachieve these adventure if 50 already.

Next you wish to arch to “Cursed Village” which is hardly northwest of Galegarden, already your there allocution to Hujang & Maru you charge to accomplishment these quests in adjustment to alleviate you’re next account quest.

Once you accept completed the quests from Maru & Hujang, “Chaser Gonaro” adventure will be apart to get you’re Nodachi/Sword/Staff, annihilate 12 kosen brood thugs and retrieve your reward.

Next footfall is to get to the western abstemious “Karkasse Ridgeland” if you haven’t been afore ask a acquaintance who has to accessible a teleporter for you. Other means include: Swimming/Sailing/Flying/main teleporters.

Head to Iona in the western allotment of Karkasse Ridgeland and allege to Yore & Geoff to alleviate the next account quest.

Once you accept completed their quests you will alleviate the adventure from “Jeyon” for your lower chest armor.

Once you’ve accustomed you’re lower chest armor you charge to arch to Dragonroar Fortress and allege to Minotaur Ushram.

Once you’ve accomplished his adventure you charge to go hardly up the acropolis east to accommodated Elder Minotaur Rothram who will accord you the adventure for your helmet. Complete his adventure and you accept auspiciously collapsed up for akin 50.

This adviser is for the basal armor for akin 50. armor archage gold online that is craft-able or from dungeons will be better.