RSGOLDAZ Shadow Over Ashade

Recently, ships ferrying food to Ashdale accept alternate with their burden still aboard, advertisement that the island has allegedly been deserted. Gudrik is acquisitive to investigate the mystery, but he is too old to do so himself – he needs anyone to rsgoldaz RuneScape gold  biking the island and acquisition out what is wrong.

Talk to Gudrik in his abode southwest of Taverley coffer and ask him about A Shadow Over Ashdale. He will acquaint you that accumulation ships to Ashdale accept apparent that the island has been absolutely bare and he wants you to go and investigate for him. Accept the adventure and lath the address anchored at the berth to the west.

Once you admission at Ashdale, arch arctic up the stairs into the boondocks and you’ll arise beyond a architecture with lights on and acquisition Lucy inside. Talk to her and go through the options to apprentice that the townspeople accept been taken abroad by abstruse creatures that afresh appeared on the island. You’ll again ask her how to ability the added ancillary of the island and she will advance application the avenue arrangement which can be accessed through the storm cesspool abaft her house.

Go down the stairs abaft the abode and admission the storm cesspool to acquisition yourself in the sewers. Chase the adit about until you ability the ample allowance and afterwards a abrupt cutscene, you will be attacked by a Crassian advance which uses attacks scaled to your action level, so don’t belittle it. If you arise to die, you will respawn at the alpha of the sewer.

Once the advance is dead, abide afterward the avenue until you appointment addition advance in the ladder room. Annihilate this one and ascend up the ladder and you’ll now acquisition yourself aback on the apparent of Ashdale abaft a abode on the amnion edge.

Head about the abode and west, again cantankerous the arch to the west of the abode and abide branch south until you acquisition two added scouts. Annihilate them both, again accessible the aboideau and admission the architecture to the south.

Search the table to acquisition a Account admission account the writer’s plan to cover an admission to a cavern arrangement beneath Ashdale into a abode he is building, again audit the Bust to acknowledge a hidden admission in the floor. Ascend down this to admission a cavern absolute two added scouts.

Annihilate both of the scouts and seek the physique of the asleep smuggler to acquisition a Smuggler’s account which will acquaint you that the caves were getting acclimated by smugglers who accidently awoke the Crassians, answer why the creatures assume accept al of a sudden appeared from nowhere.

Now abide east to acquisition a rather simple addle involving barrels of baptize which accessible the door.

Aboriginal yield the Valve close wheel, Angle and Valve alien caster from the boxes abreast the door.

Combine the two valve locations to accomplish a Valve wheel.

Adjustment the atrium of the average butt application the caster and use the angle on the aperture breadth of the aqueduct abreast the aperture to adjustment that as well.

Finally, starting with the northeast barrel, move the baptize from butt to butt by axis anniversary of the valves and eventually it will ability the aperture and alleviate it.

In the next cavern you’ll acquisition the missing townspeople trapped central Crassian pods. However, abstain these for now and annihilate the scouts in this allowance to breach the barrier in the southeast corner. You can seek the chest in this cavern to acquisition 125gp and an Uncut sapphire.

Once the scouts are asleep and the barrier is open, go through the torn barrier and you’ll appointment a Crassian warrior that cannot be attacked. If it spots you, you will be asleep in one hit, but respawn at the barrier. To get accomplished the warrior, if the warrior is not looking, cull the batten on the bank to actuate a fasten allurement that will annihilate it. Now abide down the tunnel.

You’ll anon arise beyond addition warrior ambit a allowance with a barrier preventing you from continuing, so you’ll charge to cull the batten on the bank afterwards getting spotted to annihilate the warrior and abort the barrier.

In the next allowance there is no barrier and you’ll just accept to abstain the warrior afterwards getting apparent and run into the third allowance breadth there is addition batten to annihilate the warrior and abort addition barrier.

Before the next breadth with warriors, there is an adjunct to your appropriate that has a chest absolute 500gp and three Uncut sapphires.

The next cavern is a little added catchy as there are four warriors patrolling in two circles which you have to avoid. Get accomplished the aboriginal two warriors afterwards getting seen. Once you are accomplished the aboriginal two warriors, delay for a warrior to canyon you and again chase them to accomplish your way about the additional circle. Once you ability the batten on the arctic wall, cull the batten in adjustment to annihilate the four warriors and breach the barrier.

Now accomplish your way west and annihilate the two scouts actuality and boodle the chest to access 132gp and an Uncut emerald.

Board the ship. Four tentacles will now arise which you have to kill. Advance one and watch out for if it starts to agitate as it will hit you harder and amaze you. To abstain this, run to the adverse ancillary of the accouter afore the barb slams down. Once all four are dead, a cutscene will play in which a ample animal alleged Agoroth break through the deck.

As with antecedent action in this quest, Agoroth’s attacks are scaled to your action akin and can accord top damage. It will mainly advance you with it’s claws, but will aswell occasionally blaze a bang of baptize at you which hits accelerated accident unless you abstain it. At about bisected health, it will alpha application addition advance in which it bouncer itself and atramentous squares arise on the deck. Move out of these squares anon contrarily you will be hit actual harder afterwards a few seconds.

Once Agoroth is dead, the townspeople will be freed and RS Gold  you will be thanked by Lucy in addition abbreviate cutscene. You’ll again arise aback in Gudrik’s abode and can affirmation your reward.